Church Leadership

Pastor JohnPastor
John M. Palka, Ph.D.

One of the things that gets me stoked about being in Venice is that on so many levels Venice and the Westside of LA set trends that lead the nation. Where Venice and the Westside are today is where the nation will be in the years to come. It is an honor and pleasure to be working in this mission field with God’s saints at First Lutheran Church figuring out how the church can thrive and grow in this challenging and exciting environment.

My wife, Missy, and I invite you to join us and the FLV family. 


Administrative AssistantP.Weber2
Patrick Weber

After moving to the Westside in 2014, my wife, our daughter and I were wondering what local church would be right for us. We found a charming church on Venice Boulevard that looked like a mission. The people and the pastor were so warm and welcoming that we had to stay. We connected, made friends and got involved right away. 


Team Leaders

Carol Raines-Brown - Music Ministry

Ethan McMahan - Custodial

Samuel Curtis - Podcast and Music Ministry

Mark Parks - Facilities and Maintenance 

Paula Koch - Treasurer

Chuck McMahan - IT and Elder