St. Andrew's Abbey Retreat

st andrews angel

Each year in November we look forward to rest, renewal and fellowship at St. Andrew’s Abbey, a Benedictine monastic community in Valyermo, CA. 

Over the weekend, we order our time together around the monks’ prayer schedule so that those who wish may join them in the chanting of The Psalms. On Saturday we will have time together to consider how God’s word can lead us in our daily lives.  There is ample unstructured time to read, walk, pray, nap, and visit the Book & Fine Art Store.  On Saturday night, we’ll screen a film and enjoy some wine and treats. On Sunday morning, we’ll close with our own special worship service beneath the aspen trees in Father Eleutherius’s garden.

The retreat is open to anyone in the FLV community. The cost for the weekend is $180 per person for a shared room (including six tasty meals). If you would like a private room, the cost is $230. 

For more information about the Abbey, please visit their website at