Our Jesus Skating Mural


Jesus Roller Skating with Friends in Venice Beach

This mural of Jesus roller skating in Venice Beach is mounted on the church facing Venice Boulevard. It was inspired by Father Maur Van Doorslaer’s four-piece ceramic wall hanging of the same name. When approached by Heather Davis to see if he would permit us to replicate his ceramic art as a mural on the front of our church, he declined, then suggested that he would paint one especially for us.

Father Maur, now deceased, was a Belgian monk visiting St. Andrew's Abbey in the Antelope Valley foothills. The mural of Jesus skating hand-in-hand with companions spans four panels, measuring nearly 5 by 13 feet. The mural shows that Jesus is very accessible. Father Maur’s abstract paintings hang in European galleries, but when in California he created big-eyed angels and other figures on ceramics at St Andrew’s Abbey.

The whimsical character of the new "Jesus Roller-Skating With Friends at Venice Beach" resembles the original version Van Doorslaer created many years ago – except for a few details. 

A sign showing orange juice for $1 has been changed to $2 to account for inflation.

And although Jesus and friends remain on roller skates, a small group in the background is wearing in-line skates -- a reflection of the newer style.

The artist-monk created the work after visiting Venice Beach a few times. He said he was reminded of 16th century paintings that captured a variety of activities in one picture. The mural, he said, identifies Jesus with ordinary life.