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FREE Disaster Survival Seminar & Workshop

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September 15, 2019

3:00pm – 6:00pm

Come to this FREE 3 hour 
Disaster Survival Seminar & Workshop Sponsored by the Mar Vista Community Council

Date: Sunday, September 15
Location: Mar Vista Park, 
11430 Woodbine Ave. 
Room: Recreation Center Auditorium 

Your First Lutheran Emergency Preparedness Team encourages you to attend. You will learn: 
• Equipment and supplies to acquire now to survive after a disaster. 
• How to harden your home and office to reduce risk of damage and injury.
• Action Plans for the eight types of disasters that can strike Los Angeles
• The B.A.S.I.C.S. Lifesaving procedure for family members or co-workers. 
• How to stop severe bleeding with what you are wearing.
• How to assess the ABC's of Life and provide the one(s) missing - Rescue Breathing and CPR. 
• How to suppress a small fire and contain a large fire. 
• How to free victims trapped under toppled furniture with stuff in your kitchen.
• How to know if your home is structurally unsafe to inhabit. 
• How to get a casualty out of an unsafe building by yourself. 
• Aftermath Survival Skills that may save your life. 

U.S. Geologic Survey now says Los Angeles has two "Big Ones" to fear: 
1. The long-overdue eruption of the San Andreas Fault, and 

2. Massive destruction from the much closer Inglewood-Newport Fault. 

Problems that must be addressed in minutes! 
The Fire Department will not be available!

• 1 in 5 of us may need First Aid. Can you stop rapid arterial bleeding? 
• in 50 of us may need Lifesaving Intervention. Do you know BLS? 
• in 100 of us may need treatment for Medical Shock. Can you spot it? 
• in 75 homes may become unsafe to live in. Do you know how to tell? 

You may be the only one available to save your family or coworkers! 
Do you know BLS, RB & CPR, and how to survive the Aftermath! 

You will be given personal coaching and practice in performing life-saving procedures. 

Come join us and learn how to survive. Next year may be too late. 

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