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Mystic Boat, by Odilon Redon,
La barque mystique ("Mystic Boat")
Odilon Redon, c. 1890-95
Creating a Renaissance

The Renaissance ServiceTM is, to the best of our knowledge, a first. No "package" of images and words and songs for a service such as this exists: the concept and execution of this series was conceived and developed in its entirety right here at First Lutheran Church of Venice. It is intended as a gift to the community.

The slides used in these services were selected individually from museums and galleries and from artists' personal files. Many of the living artists featured in The Renaissance Services were published previously in one of the following: Image: A Journal of the Arts and Religion; The Other Side and Christianity and The Arts; some are members of CIVA, Christians in the Visual Arts. The collective works of Sister Wendy Beckett, the book Imaging the Word, and the website of the artist and curator Tim Lowly were resources as well.

Ancient Sound, by Paul Klee, 1925
Alter Klang ("Ancient Sound")
Paul Klee, 1925
The Old Guitarist, by Paul Klee, 1925
El viejo guitarrista ("The Old Guitarist")
Pablo Picasso, 1903

In addition, the Visual Resource Center at LACMA allows us "educational" access to their vast slide lending library: thank you, Naomi Weiss!

The music of Taizé, featured here tonight, has become increasingly popular with progressive churches throughout the world. If you would like more information about the music, prayer life or community of Taizé, click here. There is also a website for Holden Village, the retreat center where Marty Haugen's vesper music (Evening Thanksgiving, Psalmody or Forgiveness & Protection, Magnificat, Litany & Prayers) originated.

If you have questions or comments about The Renaissance Service, please contact Heather Davis or the church office at (310) 821-2740.