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This mural of Jesus roller skating in Venice Beach is located at the First Lutheran Church of Venice, 815 Venice Boulevard, Venice, California. It's on the north side of the street, between Lincoln Boulevard and Abott Kinney, and it is mounted on the church facing Venice Boulevard. The mural was designed by the Benedictine monk Father Maur Van Doorslaer and was transferred to vinyl on aluminum panels by sign designer Donna Petersen.

The artist created the original in ceramic while visiting St. Andrew's Abbey in the Antelope Valley foothills. For this new version, he changed a few details. A sign showing orange juice for $1.00 was changed to $2.00 due to inflation. And while Jesus and friends are still on roller skates, a small group in the background is now wearing the newer style of in-line skates.

Jesus Roller Skating with Friends in Venice Beach

First Lutheran Church of Venice with mural